Gender Reveal Ideas You Can Do In Auckland

Having a baby is the most exciting part to every couple especially if it’s a first child. Aside from the usual parties thrown honoring the mother-to-be at least one to two months before delivery, it is a new trend nowadays to have a gender reveal party celebrated with friends and families to know the baby’s gender. There are a lot of ideas on how to do it in the couple’s home or outdoor space in Auckland. Keep reading and check on some ideas from simple yet sweet reveal to completely dramatic. 

Pokémon Gender reveal ball

You got to catch only one boy or girl! Let everyone knows the gender of your baby by tossing the poke ball and see it explode with either blue or pink dust.

Gender Reveal Piñata

Simply smash the piñata and see what color of confetti will explode to reveal the gender. Do not forget to serve tacos and sangria for a more fiesta feels.

Cake reveal

Have someone bake a nice custom cakes Auckland for you. Slice it with all your guests around. The inner part of the cake will show the color to represent baby’s gender.

Smoke bomb

Gather all your guests in an open outdoor space. Let someone loose the smoke bomb and it will show color pink or blue.


Some couple just wants to do the traditional way by simply doing the ultrasound with some of their loved ones and let the doctor say the gender.

Gender Reveal Punch

All your guests will wait for the drinks you will serve them. It will either be a pink lemonade or blue hawaiian punch to represent baby’s gender. Some couple does it with a party serving pink or blue pastries together with a baby shower cakes Auckland for a two in one celebration.

Balloon release

Put helium pink or blue balloons inside a decorated huge box. Open it, release the balloons and reveal baby’s gender.

Confetti poppers

Gather lots of confetti either pink or blue and let all the guests pop it for you. Just remember to have photographers in front to capture the perfect moment.

Gender reveal package

For a special someone who couldn’t make it, send them a small box with pink and blue cutouts in the first layer to keep them guessing. Then put an either illustration or baby’s cloth in pink or blue color to reveal the gender.

Scratch-off cards

You can DIY or buy ready made cards that your guests can scratch and reveal the winning answer.

Use of holi powder

Originally used in Holi, Hindu’s celebration of spring but now used in color runs and gender reveal as well. Let all your guests get the chance to enjoy and throw this powder with both pink and blue and just have someone or the couple to reveal the gender by throwing only one color.