Going Beyond The Ordinary; How To Host A High Tea Party That Will Impress Your Friends?

If you’re looking for tips on how to throw a high tea party that will impress your friends; then you can stop your search. Here are a few of our experts’ tips exclusively for you. high tea catering services

  • Print out your invitations – how do you generally send out your party invitations? If you are like most people, emails and short messages generally might be the way you do this. But if you want to go a little beyond the ordinary, and make it an elegant affair, then consider doing your invitations the old fashioned way; by sending it through post. But instead of simply sending out off the shelf cards, try to create your own hand made and hand written cards. Trusts us, if you do it right, you friends will be suitably impressed. You can check out more her https://www.buffetexpress.com/
  • Have a dress code – high tea is pretty normal now-a-days, having come back to fashion in the last few years. But it’s generally a very informal party; more a gathering among friends. By sending out the invitations by hand, you’re letting your friends know that this is no casual affair. However, if you want to highlight this fact, consider adding a dress code for the party as well. Your friends will get a kick out of having to dress up in their finest for your party.
  • Make sure you have a variety of food options for your guests to chose from – the main highlight in parties of this variety is the food. The elegant and itsy-bitsy finger foods served in pretty trays are an art of it’s own. If you don’t have a lot of experience in making the suitable kind of food, or the time for it, consider opting for an afternoon tea catering service. You can either have the full service with the servers as well; or opt only to order in the food, to which you’d play the hostess. Make sure to try out samples so you know you’re happy with the taste of it.
  • The tea and the tea cups – apart from the food, if there’s one more star and highlight for the evening, it’s the beverage served along with the food. In most cases; tea. Preparing flavorful and fragment tea is no rocket sciencethe right water temperature, the freshness of the tea and the steeping time being the secret to perfect tea. However, how you present it is what matters here. If you’re not taking this too as part of your high tea catering Sydney, then make sure you have sugar and water on the table before bringing in the tea. While it makes no difference to the taste, having elegant teacups certainly adds to the formal feel of the partyas apposed to your general tea cups.
  • The decorations and the table settings – the general decorations of the party venue, the table runners, the table cloth…these are al minor parts of the party that add up to taking it beyond the ordinary. Lace and fairy lights pair beautifully for this occasion. Even old and yellowing books pair beautifully with tea…


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